Currently I’m working on a paper and jamming to Kanye West and 30 Seconds To Mars. What to you play when you’re studying, or do you just listen to the silence? 

Sunday, 20 - 11 - 2011

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  1. theelephantsdiary answered: If I have to block out background noise and can’t focus with lyrics I play Bach’s Cello Suite No1 performed by Yo-Yo Ma on repeat
  2. dispozable answered: i like to play explosions in the sky or redneck manifesto. there aren’t any lyrics to be distracted by and the music is solid.
  3. plot-twists answered: I don’t listen to music when studying, but I almost always listen to The Killers when writing papers.
  4. itsbribriii answered: if i listen to music, i just put on a playlist of my favorite artists and let it fill the silence :)
  5. muggleotter answered: moive soundtracks
  6. falling-anthem answered: nothing
  7. thethinwhitedouchee answered: the Doors to Bring Me the Horizon. You can’t go wrong with soundtracks either. :3
  8. jiimjaam answered: The first Harry Potter movie soundtrack.
  9. serfbort answered: my roommate sleeping
  10. therecreationofadam answered: britney spears or sublime with rome. lol that sounds so weird
  11. arshias answered: local natives, two door cinema club, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY<3, landon pigg, last dinosaurs. yup. too much. (:
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