Yesterday I made some friends. That on it’s own is exciting but not only did I meet people I was invited to go “out”.

This enigmatic “out” is a rather new concept, I go out for drinks sometimes with people from work but I don’t go out to clubs or pub crawling, but my goal for my time here in Banff was to meet people and try to be social. After Calgary I really needed to talk to people otherwise I’d no doubt soon forget how to speak altogether. So I decided to go.

We started in the pub downstairs—I need to interrupt myself for a minute to mention that for the first time it’s sunny and clear out so I can see right up to the top of the mountains, and it’s really beautiful—after a little while there the group decided to go out to a club. Resigning myself to just go along with the group and see what happens I went along.

It was like 11pm and we went to this club called HooDoo. I don’t know if I really understand the point of going to clubs. Well I guess I understand it, it just doesn’t really interest me. At all. I played some pool though, which was fun. I used to play once or twice a week with my dad for about three years so I’m pretty good. So when someone asked me to play I was like sure, then when they asked if I had played before I said “well, I’ve played once or twice, with my dad…”. I’m just so sly. Yeah so I kicked ass. But after that I just sat alone at the bar watching videos of skateboarding (why the club played skateboard videos is a mystery to me), and not drinking much because I’m poor. It was a little boring. After a while the group decided that that club was dull, and that the night would be much better if we all went to a different one. Now normally I would have quietly slipped away, seeing as it was getting late and I’ve been getting up early and I have a deep fear of social situations, but I was out and I was going to go with the flow. So I went.

The second club was in comparison much better. The first one was rather empty but this one was full and really loud with all kinds of lights and stuff. I even got a stamp on my hand! I’m basically at the Jersey Shore.

At a lose for what to do (I’m not much of a dancer) I resumed my sitting alone. It was sort of fun to watch everyone, in my head I was working out the dynamics of how groups form and divide on the dance floor, and the different types of interactions that follow. Not for the first time I felt like an alien studying humans. After a while I sort of… swayed to the music and walked through the crowed, that’s basically dancing right? Most the night I floated back and forth between the three little nooks where you could sit at the club, it was a little boring but still a fun change.

Eventually we went back to the hostel. It was really really cold out, but it was nice to walk along talking to people, although I did get called Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory (three different people have made that comparison since I left home *face palm*). I also got called Holden from Catcher In The Rye, which I was a little offended at.

When I got back to the hostel I made a snack and slipped off to bed making a point to whisper to the room, even though everyone was asleep, that unlike the other people in the room I managed to go out and come back without vomiting in the sink. Even though I went to bed very late I was still up at 7:30am because some guys were getting ready to leave. I was subjected to half and hour of stomping and packing. This guy was making so much noise it had to be intentional. He pulled the sheets of his bed so forcefully you’d have thought they had offended him. When I wake up and everyone’s asleep I slink out to the kitchen and leave them be.

Last night taught me something really profound: I would be awesome on Jersey Shore. Imagine it, everyone would be getting ready to go out and I’d be like “naw I’m just going to stay in and read”, and my room would be so clean. I think I’d bring a new dimension to the show, I’d attract a different audience. Still going out was fun I made some friends and met a bunch of new people. I also realized that meeting people takes a little bit of effort. That explains why when I was sitting alone being antisocial and reading people weren’t queuing up to meet me. I guess being dark and brooding alone in a back corner of a coffee shop with my face covered by a book isn’t the best way to meet people. It’s a shame because that’s what I’m good at, I’ve managed to master the art of silent brooding. Oh now I get the Holden comparison…

I’m still alive and safe, I don’t really know what my plans are yet so I’m going to stay in Banff for a bit longer. Thanks for reading. :)