So I was talking with my mom today about careers. I asked her what would her ideal job be? Take a minute and think about it yourself. If you could be anything, anything what would you be? Tell me your answers here. For me it’s an easy answer, English professor* with a radio show on Sundays (I would also of course spend my summers scouring the world for lost manuscripts and treasure! Sort of like Indiana Jones no no more like Robert Langdon. Yeah exactly like that I want to be Robert Langdon).

I don’t know where the radio show on Sundays desire comes from, well that’s actually a total lie, I know exactly where it came from: early exposure to Don Jackson’s, Lovers and Other Strangers and the sitcom Frasier. But if I were ever to do it I’d want to have my own show and be a radio host/personality, not so much a DJ, because as much as I love music I have no inclination whatsoever to inflict my taste on anyone. I’d just talk about stuff. Each episode would have a sort of theme. I guess sometimes I’d have guests who in turn could just talk about stuff. It wouldn’t be special or popculturey/political, it would just be stuff. 

Where was I going with this… So I got to thinking you know what would be fun? Podcasting! I doubt this random desire will ever happen but it was fun to look up microphones. Blue Microphones makes one that is supposed to be really good called the Snowball, and well exploring the world of audio recording equipment I came across the Shure 55SH Series II which is a thing of pure beauty and would look amazing on my desk next to my computer, but would be far to professional for anything I’d ever need it for.

So Podcasting, any thoughts? I’m a good speaker… sort of. Do any of you even listen to podcasts? 

I thought about youtube, but I’m not a face and I’m not funny, not youtube funny

* at Hogwarts

Sunday, 3 - 07 - 2011

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