I’ve spent today boxing up all my stuff, (which feels really weird like I’m moving out), and at one point I was going through all my old action figures and Ty beanie-babies. We had some quality toys when we were little! I was the kind of child that took a toy everywhere, maybe because I was an only child, but no matter where I went I would definitely be clutching a action figure or dragging along a reluctant stuffed animal.

Do you ever miss that, being little I mean? When your biggest concern was whether or not you were giving your toys enough attention so as not to make one feel excluded and unloved (thank you Toy Story). I do, things now are hard and confusing and really, really complicated. For example, I still haven’t decided which white I want to paint my room, it’s been days and I can’t pick a white! When I was little I was like "I want my room purple with splatters of other colours." and so it was, I didn’t stress over things. 

Of course when I was little I never had discussions about books, or architecture, or beer. I guess both youth and experience have their advantages and the secret to a good life it to never fully forget the joy and passion of youth. That being said I’m going to go play with my Dragon Ball Z action figures and my Transformers, I suggest you go find your old toys and spend a little time being a little kid again. 

Friday, 8 - 07 - 2011

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