So mum and I went to value village, with a thirty percent off coupon, already a good thing. And the stars must be aligned cause I found some awesome stuff…

  •   white chucks
  •   red vans
  •   brown jeans
  •   three t-shirts
  •   philosophers stone, (It’s one of my life goals to own 17 copies.)
  •   waffle iron. Waffles FTW
  •   the special “prefects edition” Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Trivia  Game. (Photos tomorrow, i promise) 

All in all it was a good experience. oh! I also got ran into my old babysitter form way back when. I haven’t seen her in a few years so it was funny being all taller then her and stuff. It was odd and her husband, who was one of those guys you were terrified of as a child for no reason other than he looks stern, now I’m like foot taller then him and he’s actually an alright guy. I was a weird trip down memory lane…