Today I was looking at the volumes of First Day Covers, left to me by my grandfather, when I realized, and not for the first time, that I have know idea what my grandfather did for a living. Nor do I know what his brother did. I do know that my grandfather was a navigator in the air force, and flew in a lot of different planes. And I know he wrote speeches for very important people, I also know he worked in the world trade center, in the 50’s, then downtown Toronto. 

I’ve asked my family and my mom doesn’t know, and my dad and Granny have never answered, they always maneuver the question to his accomplishments or where he ate lunch. This total lack of information has lead me too believe that he was a spy!

I know my grandfather’s brother was, at least in his mid-life, an US ambassador for Cuba and several other countries I think. I know that last time I was at his condo (when I was 4) he got a phone call from former president Reagan, this is what my Dad told me at least. This only further perpetuates my idea that they were Spies!           

Saturday, 7 - 08 - 2010

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