So I just started work and it has been kinda sucky, I’m working in a new store so we have to help set it up, so mainly I’m unpacking t-shirts and refolding them so that all the frickin size stickers are lined up in a perfectly straight line, which is the most boring thing imaginable. It’s not hard, so when you do it you don’t realize how much time isn’t passing, so for example; today I had folded like a hundred shirts and I was all like oh I must have been at this for 2 hours surely, look at all the work I’ve accomplished” nope I’d only been doing it for like 17 minutes, then I was like "shit…" Oh well at least I’m getting paid.

P.S Today I made a grown-up decision, I had the option of enjoying a relaxing 30 minute lunch break eating a banana and a peach and reading, or I could go to the bank and deposit a cheque, and I did the responsible thing and went to the bank. Btw everyone I work with is nice, although I haven’t really gotten a chance to get to know them that well. hope you’re all doing well got there in internet land, I’ll post again soon I promise. :)   

Tuesday, 10 - 08 - 2010

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