9. February 2014

Let the search begin.

8. February 2014

So far it’s great.

10. December 2013

1. “Problematic”

2. “Where’s my wine?”

14. October 2013

The Gucci watch
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, Gucci bag

Gucci bag
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I don’t know what this means but I’m pretty sure I can smell colours now.

…This doesn’t English well.

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Kinda Nerdy Sunday Episode 1: Some Thoughts on Summer Reading

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12. March 2013

I have a question that I need answered, and I world really appreciate it if you could take 2 seconds and write an answer.

In one or two sentences tell me,


28. February 2013

I was going to take a picture and be all like: “oh, check out this awesome cute cake I made. Yeah, it was nothing, just a little of this and some of that and BAM a sweet-ass little hipster cake is a dainty manly little mug. You’re welcome internet.” But then I ate the cake instead…

because eating cakes is far superior to blogging about them.

28. August 2012

First stop: FOOD!

Tomorrow I’m checking out Boston and then the next day I’m heading over to Salem. SALEM! WITCHES! I’m so excited!

Pic’s coming soon, but right now I need to eat something and then sleep, I’ve been on the road since 4:30 this morning.

14. August 2012

I have a rather substantial collection of occult and occult history books, and today they are going to serve their purpose by inspiring me. I’ve been stuck for a few days on what happens next in my story, so I’m going to start digging around for some neat ideas and hope for a spark of creativity to hit.

A while ago someone asked me for tips on coming up with plots, here’s another one: read everything and anything related to what you’re writing about.

I need to add some meat to my story. I’ve got the basics down so now it’s time to start going back and filling in some of the gaps and adding some style to it. I’m looking in histories of witchcraft in america, children’s books about magic, folklore and fairy stories, basically I’m looking for anything that might give me a good idea, or help strengthen so of the idea I already have. 

I’ve got a cup of coffee and the sky is a perfect steely grey that just invites curling up and reading. It’s time to slip on my wizard hat and start researching! 

27. April 2012


- am still single.
- avoided the “freshmen fifteen”.
- passed all my classes, even the stupid pointless ones.
- am still living at home.
- still can’t really grow a beard.
- learned a lot of mostly pointless stuff involving upside down “A”s and backwards “E”s.

What are my thoughts on university? Well, since you asked I’ll tell you: It was alright. It wasn’t as hard or as stressful as everyone made it out to be. I was told I’d be crying into a can of Redbull and living on skittles and instant noodles, and I kind of hoped that I would sink to that level of pathetic, shamefull existence. But no, I didn’t. I ate well, and got everything done, on time.

Now that I’m done my first year, it’s time for me to start thinking about graduate school. If you can’t guess, I’m eager to be done my undergrad.

My goal for the summer is to read a few books that are going to pertain to my specific field of interest: children’s literature.

Also to get all muscly and stuff. We’ll see.

If you’re done school send my your thoughts I’d love to hear them. Or send me your summer goals, are you like me (and everyone I know) and you set yourself an impossible list of things to accomplish before September?

I hope you all have a great summer!

P.s. it snowed this morning… Screw you Canada.

9. January 2012

  • Which smart phone do I want?
  • How do you make friends
  • schools starts in a few days, yay…?
  • The volume of a sphere is 4/3 πr^3
  • Why is my neighbour still awake?
  • What’s my favourite poem?
  • How many scarves is too many, because I think I only need one.
  • boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass
    Yeah that’s that super bass
  • I want to go somewhere
  • Maybe I should start introducing myself under a different name?
  • Where can you buy a human skull?
  • boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom— No! Stop that!
  • I wonder what this (¶) is called.
  • ∀x∃z(F(xz)^(Gx→Gz)). ∴∃x∃z(F(xz)→(Gz∀xGx))
  • I think my neighbour is a spy.
  • Maybe I should just get on a bus, and go somewhere.
  • I’d like to be a spy.
  • …No I really wouldn’t.
  • Breakfast would be nice.
  • Why do I Take My Tea With Sugar
  • I think I want an iPhone.
15. September 2011

I’ve been really busy with school and work for the last week and I starting to feel it.

I haven’t gone running in a long time, and I’ve been eating poorly (or not at all) and I haven’t had a minute to myself in forever. The last month has been really busy at work and there have also been a lot of additional stresses added to that, none of which I really feel comfortable talking about on the interwebs. No having school four days a week and work seven days a week I’m starting to feel a little stifled. Right now, for example, I should be reading the Norton Anthology of Short Fiction and a PDF about logical proofs, but I needed to just take a minute. Don’t misinterpret me, I’m not complaining about my course load, I’m complaining about my lack of a time-turner. I knew balancing school and work would be difficult but I can’t do 8:00am to 10:00pm again.

Circling back to my initial point, I need to get out of the city for a little bit, even just an afternoon. Don’t you find that going for a drive though the country for a while makes you feel so much better. I’m definitely a city boy, but I’ve got some country in me still.

I want to know your thought, what do you to seriously de-stress?