28. February 2013

I was going to take a picture and be all like: “oh, check out this awesome cute cake I made. Yeah, it was nothing, just a little of this and some of that and BAM a sweet-ass little hipster cake is a dainty┬ámanly little mug. You’re welcome internet.” But then I ate the cake instead…

because eating cakes is far superior to blogging about them.

26. April 2012

And I have an issue.

The whole premise of energybending was that it was supposed to be this deeply spiritual art, you had to be totally unbendable and only Aang could do it because he was taught by a freakin lion-turtle! I don’t like that masky-magoo is all like "oh I can take away bending. Aren’t I fabulous!".

Also if homie can energybend doesn’t that mean that he is a bender?